We Need More School Girls In Thailand

Education and girls are two factors that never seem to mix. However, with the efforts of the UN, human rights groups and other organizations, more and more girls are going to schools. Unlike ASEAN countries, Thailand has fewer problems regarding gender disparity, but this does preclude its absence.

Thailand, however, is implementing measures to promote gender equality in all aspects. Starting with education, its 1999 Education Act posits that all children have an equal right to education. Schools complied and admitted both boys and girls. The international education scene is no different. Girls are encouraged to attend schools. In fact, there are plans to establish an international school in Thailand for girls.

The North London Collegiate School (NLCS) plans to open a branch in Thailand, joining other NLCS in Dubai, Korea, and London. It was first an all-girls’ academy in the United Kingdom.

This expansion in Thailand shows the country’s resolve and commitment in promoting inclusive education.

The Importance of ASEAN Gender Equality

Women have always been disadvantaged in ASEAN countries, be it because of culture or religion. This gender inequality can be seen in areas such as education, employment, health, representation, etc. Women are operating near the margins while men can freely roam about.

In ASEAN countries, only a few women are employed. These are often secretaries, helpers, teachers, and other “feminine positions”. It is a miracle to see a woman rise to the top. Sometimes, women are not even given maternity leaves and equal pay.

In politics, there are hardly any women leaders. In some countries, women cannot even vote. In others, women cannot even speak. Every day, 40% of women are sexually harassed and violated. Patriarchy forced women to be on guard for their safety and health, all because they were born the opposite sex.

Gender inequalities made all this hate and violence thrive. For once and for all, it is time to stop.

Advantages of gender-equality in education in Thailand

Thailand’s commitment to achieving gender equality in their education should be commended. More public and international schools in Thailand have opened its doors to girls. With gender-inclusive education, Thailand shows its love for its young girls and women by empowering them to rise. With equal opportunities, women will no longer live in the margins. Instead, Thailand gives them the chance to walk freely. Little by little, this culture of hate and violence can end.