“Upcycling The Ocean” Project For Marine Protection And Conservation

The exception beauty of the island of Phuket makes it a very popular tourist destination. Different types of accommodations are offered from 5 star hotels in Phuket to bed and breakfasts and apartments. There are hotels along the beach if you want a view of the Andaman Sea and the white sandy beaches.

According to Thailand Tourism Authority (TAT) governor YuthasakSupasorn, tourism is one of the key industries of Thailand that bring the much needed revenue to the government. However, marine tourist spots are deteriorating and the plastic trash in the sea is destroying marine ecosystems. The lack of a systemized waste disposal practice has a detrimental effect on the popular marine destinations. It is also affecting the competitiveness of the tourist industry.

A mass cleanup was organized by the Thai government through Thailand Tourism Authority and the Ministry of Sports and Tourism as well as local government organizations. Participants in the cleanup and volunteers from local environment groups reportedly collected 852.6 kilograms of waste from Nai Yang Beach, NaiHarn Beach, Patong Beach and coastal waters just offshore.

The “Upcycling the Ocean” campaign aims to bring awareness of coastal marine resources to reduce waste in the ocean. The number of tourists arriving in Phuket has increased by more than 15% from last year. This means that about 64,000 tourists are passing through Phuket’s International Airport every day. The campaign will promote responsible tourism like the disposal of waste in appropriate locations.

If awareness is raised on environmental conservation, the beauty of Thailand’s marine tourist areas will be protected and conserved. Plastic waste like bags and bottles can be collected to be transformed into useful products through eco-friendly technologies. The problem of waste is an international issue that has to be addressed by both governments and people.

Phuket has become the choice of travellers who desire a beach holiday. Aside from the amazing geography of the island, there are 5 star hotels in Phuket that allow a blissful night’s sleep. Millions of people from all over the world are drawn to Phuket because it is a perfect romantic getaway full of fun and various experiences.