Tracing The History Of Home Improvement Chains In The US

One of the ways to ensure that home improvement will add value to a property is to use modern floor tiles that will make the home look as spacious and elegant as possible. Make sure that the tiles will express your taste and personality. Everyone who will walk into the house will notice that you have placed your heart and soul into the design to make it tasteful.

There are different kinds of floor tiles that can be bought from home improvement and renovation stores. When you say home improvement, it is always associated to Home Depot and Lowe’s, the two big companies that dominate the whole market. However, this was not always the case because in the past, there were more national and regional chains.

Plenty of home improvement chains mushroomed all over the United States in the 20th century but business soon started to be pretty competitive and unforgiving. Builder’s Square that opened in 1970 became a major player in the DIY business. Its downfall begun when Kmart merged with rival Hechinger

Two brothers from New Jersey launched Rickel in 1953 and when the company expanded, it was bought by Supermarkets General Corporation. The home improvement centre was hurt by the controversial lawsuit against Home Depot and Rickel stores closed by the end of 1997.

Ernst Home Centres was one of the first home improvement chains. It opened in Seattle in 1893 and went out of business in 1997. Scotty’s Builders Supply opened in 1924, changed its name in 1968 and said a final goodbye in 2005.

Payless Cashways opened in Kansas City in 1930and became a national retailer for decades. Fierce competition and the 1988 stock-buyback bid proved to be disastrous for the company that it filed for bankruptcy in 1997.

At present, homeowners can buy modern floor tiles from online vendors. It is definitely more convenient and efficient than travelling to brick and mortar stores. Sometimes, there are more tile options in colour and sizes online than home improvement stores. You can take a pick from natural stone, porcelain, ceramic and feature tiles to add character and personality to a room.