Supreme Court Ordered Reading To Pay Damages To Power Company Worth $53,000

Damaging an electrical component is not a negligible crime as shown by the previous ruling given by the Supreme Court in the City of Reading. This is why many cities in countries all over the world are taking note especially in Bangkok where they value electricity the most because of tourism thus their components must not be damaged. The only consolation is that there is an easy replacement part for EMT Connector in Thailand in the unfortunate event that replacement is required.

In the case of between the City of Reading and Met Ed, the city was ordered by the ruling of the Supreme Court to pay damages worth $53,000 because of the negligence that happened to the electrical conduit.

That decision is a total opposite of the finding by the Commonwealth Court that the city is granted with legal immunity when it comes to lawsuit filed by the power company regarding the damage.

The high court ruling given by Justice Christine Donohue decided that there was failure on the part of the officials of the City of Reading because they did not act even after knowing there is something wrong thus their immunity shield is no longer intact.

The dispute started in July 2009 during the digging operation conducted by the city sewer department on an area in North Fifth Street. The excavation damaged a conduit installed by Met Ed that was covered in cement.

There was a part of the casing that was damaged and the power company hired a private contractor to do the repair. Donohue wrote in the ruling that the conduit was put back in place by the contractors doing the excavation but soil underneath was not enough to provide support.

The contractor told the city officials about the problem and recommended shoring is required by the excavation site as well as to prevent erosion and flooding. It was noted by Donohue that they did not do anything and the rain storm damaged the conduit even more.

The officials from Reading have already sent their appeal to the Commonwealth Court. If electrical problem occurs and requires EMT Connector in Thailand, it should be given immediate attention to provide damages and accidents.