State With The Highest Number Of Fast Food Establishments According To Study

We cannot deny the fact that we practically grew up with fast food especially the generations of millennials. These past few years, Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan said that the industry has been receiving quite the hate because many people are making some big lifestyle changes including the food they eat. Fast food is popular because it is not convenient but it is cheap as well. Study from Datafiniti revealed that almost one-fourth of the total adult population in the United States consume fast food every day.

The same study showed that there is one state in the United States with the most number of fast food chains compared to the rest. The data from the study were published along with the cities and states that have one of the highest numbers of fast food establishment.

The research revealed that Alabama has the most number of fast food chain in all of US. It outnumbers the remaining 49 states because the ratio of the fast food place to the number of state residents is 6.3 for every 10,000. Following suit is Nebraska and on the third spot is West Virginia. Nebraska has 5.4 fast food eateries for every 10,000 residents while West Virginia has 5.3 per 10,000.

Datafiniti’s study also showed that the states in the central and southern part of America lead in terms of numbers of fast food chains per capita. The top of the list is bagged by South America. The states with the lowest numbers of fast food establishments per capita includes Vermont, New Jersey and New York which are all in the northeastern part of the country.

Looking at the city with the highest number of fast food chains, Orlando took the first spot, followed by Cincinnati and the third spot is bagged by Las Vegas. Cities with the fewest number of fast food establishments are mainly in California. The ranking is expected to change in the next few years according to Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan because South America is already preparing for its introduction in the fast food market.