Shipping Casualties Falls To Century-Long Record Lows

Job hazards are part and parcel of professions though, for some industries, it’s more noticeable. As for making sure customers get the ส่งของไปต่างประเทศราคาถูก, international shipping comes with the risk of the vessel going down at sea. Global insurance company Allianz noted, however, that the number of ships over 100 gross tonnes that have been lost at sea in 2018 was only 46, which is the lowest number recorded within the century.

The drop in ship losses for 2018 was driven by several factors, like less extreme weather phenomena, and a decrease in losses at what’s considered ‘hotspots’, and difficult ports like Bangladesh’s Chittagong.

On top of that, ocean shipping has become safer over time thanks to developments in ship design, technology, safety systems, as well as how crews handle operational practices. For comparison, the year 2000 saw 207 vessels lost.

Notably, cargo-carrying vessels of an unspecified nature made up for a third of all the losses in 2018, with 15 ships lost. Allianz’s report used specific parlance to make general cargo ships different from boxships, tankers and bulkers, and explained that cargo vessels were the kind of ships that ended up with the most casualties.

The insurance firm also noted the loss of other cargo carrying ships, to the detriment of the ส่งของไปต่างประเทศราคาถูก, as three tankers and a box ship was lost, as well as a chem.-tanker and a ro-ro vessel. There were also 4 tugs, 2 barges, as well as a few dredgers and a supply ship lost at sea. Even the fishery and the passenger sector got a few losses.

As for the cause of the majority of losses, foundering, accounting for sinking and submerging, accounted for 30 of the 46 lost vessels, which is 65%.

Allianz notes that of the more than 230,000 marine insurance industry claims, with a total accumulated value of €8.8 billion (US$9.9 billion), between July 2013 to 2018, shows the sinking/collision incidents are the biggest cause of loss for insurers, accounting for 16% of the total value of the claims made in that time, which Allianz writes down as about €1.39 billion/$1.56 billion.