Popular Treatment Plans For Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a chronic disease. There are many reasons that lead to addiction like mental health conditions, exposure to drugs, familial problems, peer pressure and many more. Addiction to drugs plays havoc in the personal and professional life of the addicts. Whatever may be the reason of addiction, it disturbs the routine life of the addict. Just like any other chronic disease, drug addiction can also be treated.

There are many forms of treating drug addiction. Some of the treatments available for addiction are outpatient programs, inpatient treatments and residential programs at the best inpatient rehab centers. All these different approaches for drug addiction treatment have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. You can choose a treatment program for yourself or your loved one depending on the lifestyle, budget and the condition of the patient.

Outpatient programs

These programs last for longer durations. They last upto 164 days on an average. These programs use counselling sessions and behavioral therapies to treat addiction. Patients can enroll for the outpatient treatment programs from their home. These programs are suitable for busy professionals who cannot take time off from their busy schedules for addiction treatment. Patients can carry on with their regular activities while receiving the treatment. They have to visit the rehab facility at a pre determined time on different days of the week to receive the therapy.

Inpatient programs

There are many de-addiction centers that offer the best inpatient rehab programs to treat addicts and return them to sobriety. These programs include detoxification and treatment plans. The inpatient programs require the patients to stay in the facility for a short duration of time. The treatment includes medication and counselling. The average inpatient treatment programs last for a month.

Residential programs

These programs are the most effective treatment plans when it comes to treating addiction. The residential programs of the best inpatient rehab centers create customized treatment plans for each patient. The treatment combines a range of therapies and organic medications along with peer counselling and family counselling. There are a host of behavioral therapies like yoga, art therapy, music therapy, equestrian therapy and so on that help the patients to vent out their emotions and develop a sense of care and responsibility. Since the patients are away from their homes in a serene and controlled environment it is easy for them to concentrate on the different activities and come out of their habit.