More People In Colorado Are Signing Up For Obamacare

Obamacare exchange which is governed by the state of Colorado received over 165,000 individuals signing up for the coverage in 2018. The number was gathered after the open enrollment has come to an end. The figure showed that there is an increase of almost 3 per cent compared to the previous year’s number of individuals who signed up. For those who are planning to get a tax ID, Colorado online form is already available.

According to a report from Connect for Health Colorado, the program has come through despite the confusion created in the market since many are not certain regarding the future of the healthcare statute. In the United States, there are 11 exchanges run by the state and one of them is Colorado. They have the ability to sign up residents from their state. The remaining 39 states are currently under healthcare.giv which is run by the federal government.

Kevin Patterson, the CEO of Connect for Health Colorado, said that there was uncertainty among the residents because the confusion that has spread in the healthcare sector but the volume of people who signed up for this year is almost the same as the figure of the previous year wherein the Open Enrollment Period was extended.

The 2017 open enrollment for the state of Colorado was closed last February 3.

Patterson did not explain more about the confusion he is referring to but advocates of the Obamacare said that there are residents who are not sure if the law has already been repealed since the Congress has trued many times to repeal it but to no avail. Added uncertainty was caused by the cost-sharing reduction to the fees of the insurers which Trump order to a halt last October 8 which was only a few weeks before the start of scheduled open enrollment on November 1.

The deadline for the open enrollment of Colorado was on January 12 which came almost a month after the deadline of set on December 15.

The total is not yet calculated because enrollment is still going in for those who were not able to avail the 2018 coverage. The state is also calling for those planning to get a tax ID because the Colorado online form is already out.