Latest Communication Tools Launched By Sandy Springs

Sandy Springs city aims to provide more for its community in terms of giving information to the public regarding the traffic obstacles that they might encounter as well as other information that are time-sensitive.

It was only earlier this month that the city made an announcement about the new program that will give emphasis on communication which will feature weekly preview of the upcoming lane as well as road closures and emergency notifications. The program also has the capacity to make the communication better during times of emergency.

The initiative will also have a TrafficWatch Map, this is an illustrated and interactive map that will focus on lane as well as road closures to give a visual guide. It will also highlight the road segments where people should expect to be closed. The map will also have the links to network of cameras that are all over the city which are used to monitor all the intersections.

Users have the access to receive more information regarding the current road projects. All they have to do is click on the links that are provided inside the map.

Motorists who likes to receive information straight on their mobile phones and other gadgets will now be able to receive travel alerts, in the form of email or text message provided by the Sandy Springs Alerts.

The notifications are powered by Smart911 and the notification system will give the users the chance to receive different kinds of alerts which may be about power outages, weather conditions and many other safety concerns related to the general public. This also includes emergency traffic closures and a traffic tip sheet which will be provided every week.

Rave Mobile Safety is the developer of the Emergency Notification System which uses the same system that the Smart911, the existing program in Sandy Springs, is using. Users who are registered to the system have the option to be included in the traffic notification. News users, on the other hand, will be able to create their own profile using Smart911 in order to input information about themselves, their family and home address in case of emergencies which are helpful for responders.

This is only one way that shows how useful maps are in every city including the New York City Illustrated Map.