How To Use Customer Reviews In The Marketing Campaign

Most businesses understand the impact of customer reviews on their online reputation. According to a recent study, online reviews can increase conversion rates by a staggering 270%. When reviews are used in the marketing campaign, they create a certain compounding effect.

Most shoppers would read online reviews, dig deeper through the profile and search for an acceptable number of reviews. By adding reviews to the marketing plan, prospects will be introduced to the brand. Genuine reviews from trustworthy third-party review platforms can easily attract and convert a large number of prospects.

Sophisticated marketers understand the importance of review upselling. The first step is to reach out to the top 5% of the customer base. These are the ideal customers that a business wants to keep because they are happy, satisfied and loyal due to their great experience with the brand. Reach out to them and ask for the results of the product or service they have purchased. It is very likely that you will generate an organic and well-detailed review that you can use for marketing purposes.

The strategy is to embed the review preferably with video and audio on the upsell page. This strategy can be used to boost sales from eager and engaged consumers who have signed up for a free demo or trial.

A digital marketing agency uses king kong agency review in call-to-action to provide prospective clients with an incentive to sign up for the service. The information provided in the reviews can be easily verified because they were posted in reliable third-party review sites.