GoodShuffle Changing People’s Opinion Regarding Event Rental Items

Andrew Garcia expressed his frustration about the fact that venture capitalists who are attending a wedding are only looking at two things – the guests and the venue of the party. Like the saying goes, where the eyes go, there’s the money. They are not putting thought into how much is spent for the tables and linens use, the lighting on the venue and additional decors that were displayed just for the occasion. They are not even wondering where it all came from.

Andrew Garcia along with Erik Dreyer is the founders of the new startup called GoodShuffle. The company is based in 14 street of New Washington. They are trying to change the events planning industry and make it accessible in a way fit for the 21st century consumers.

If you are not sure how this works, picture this out. You are very busy planning your wedding and will need different equipment for the party including chairs, tables, thematic decors, marquee, and liners among many others. Where are you going to look for all of this? Yes, there are a lot of event rental businesses that you can check out but in a statement by Garcia and Dreyer, they revealed that majority of the event rental companies do not have a strong online presence. The people looking for the items will have to call each company and try to look for the right size of marquee that is suitable for the venue, one which is available on the wedding date and on an affordable price too.

According to Garcia and Dreyer, this is a ridiculous way to find what you are looking for. This is the reason why they create GoodShuffle, an online marketplace wherein different event rental businesses have an option to be listed and included in the inventory. The event organizers, either the wedding planner or the couple themselves, will just have to browse GoodShuffle, select the item they need, book on their wedding day and pay for it online.

If you want to search for items in Party for Hire in Perth the traditional way, you are also free to do so. This way you will be able to talk to the owners personally and check the condition of the items.