Construction Of Railway Connecting China And Thailand Will Start Before The Year Ends

The project railway that will connect China and Thailand is a dream project that many are excited to see in completion. Despite many uncertainties, officials have said that the construction is sure to begin before the year ends. Tourists will now be able to book a 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit and not worry about plane rides as there will be a train ride option between the two countries.

An assurance was given by the Ministry of Transport’s Permanent Secretary, ChatchaiThipsunaree, to the state media in China regarding the status of the project that has been delayed a number of times already. It has been finalized that the project will start construction within this year 2017.

According to Chatchai, the contract between China and Thailand is almost 90 per cent completion thus they are confident that construction of the railway project will be started this year. The statement was given by Chatchai during a press conference that was held last week. On the same event, ArkhomTermpittayapaisith, the Transport Minister of Thailand, was also present and he said that the railway project is very important to the country of Thailand.

It was back in 2014 when the first talk between the leaders of the two nations regarding the railway project was revealed to the public. The high-speed railway will be funded by China and it will be worth 143 billion in yuan or $20 billion in US currency. After the announcement was made, the project met a number of issues regarding the construction as well as the financing.

It was June 2015 when they made another announcement that the high-speed railway will be demoted to a medium speed because they were not able to reach an agreement regarding the funding worth billions of dollars. It was expected that construction will begin that year but it did not happen.

It was December of last year when Arkhom made an announcement that the project will start on the first few months of 2017 but it did not happen as well. Many citizens are already excited as they have already looked into travel arrangements and accommodations in a 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit. In a recent announcement, they have confirmed its construction before the year ends so that tourists coming from China will pour into Thailand thus upping the tourism of the country.