Beauty Secrets With A Tattoo Cover Up Makeup

Many people go for tattoos as it’s the “in” thing nowadays. However, there are some who already have tattoos and are stigmatised with them, especially if they go for a job interview in a corporate office. If you have that ink and can’t afford to laser it out or is probably visiting a conservative family member and don’t want them to see it, you can always use a tattoo cover up makeup, that can keep the secret safe with you. You’ll just have to know how to apply them, so that it blends with your skin colour.

Step 1: Just like applying makeup to your face, begin by covering the tattoo with a good primer. This will make the makeup stay in place and cover the tattoo for a longer time. The surface is also smoothened out, making the concealing products simpler to apply. This makes application to the tattooed surface easier.

Step 2: If your skin is dark, then you’d probably skip this step, but if you have pale complexion, do use a tattoo cover up makeup for this. You can use a rusty-hued concealer or orange cream shadow to hide the area. It will help cover the dark colours of the tattoo. Use a concealer brush for smearing and blend it with your fingers.

Step 3: The next step is to apply translucent powder. You can apply a liberal amount to the concealed area to make the concealer set in and avoid smudging during the event or course of the day. The powder will eliminate the shine and remove the stickiness that your skin may still have.

Step 4: At this stage, you may notice your tattoo beginning to show up, so it’s time to put another round of concealer. This time, you need to use a shade that is similar to your skin colour while tracing the whole tattoo. Blend it carefully with a concealer brush, which then will completely hide the tattoo.

Step 5: For the tattoo to stay hidden that way, you need to add the finishing touches of the tattoo cover up makeup. You may need to spray lightly over the area to lock in the colour and don’t need for touch-ups later of the day. If you do it, you add moisture to your skin, and you’re good to go.