2018 Hybrid Car And Wheels By Honda Gets A New Look

During its pioneering years in hybrid vehicles, Honda was quite popular for vehicles that look distinct, making the Insight an easily identifiable hybrid car. From 19996 to 2006, these cars and wheels by Honda was easy to spot as they look very different from other cars, with teardrop shaped features, making it look futuristic, if not dystopian for others.

Compensating for the Pioneer Model

 The next generation of Insight cars tried to compensate for its predecessor by looking like the Prius, but it helped very little on the sales. The Insight then went on a production hiatus, even though it has the highest mileage among the hybrid cars sold in the US.

The New 2018 Honda Insight

 Now, the hybrid car is back with a more modern look. The 2018 Honda Insight looks a bit like the new Honda Accord, only slightly smaller. It managed to keep the mileage that it sported before, which is a huge plus for car owners.

The flat-disc wheels by Honda, and its silent driving would probably be the only dead give-away that the new vehicle is a hybrid. Everything else seems like your usual car.

From the outside, it is sharp-looking, with a deep trunk for all your belongings. It has a distinctive chrome detail on the grille, as well as an integrated spoiler.

As for the interior, it is notable that the hybrid car has let go of its attempts to look too futuristic, as it has embraced a more traditional look inside. When you start the car, the display shows the energy transfer using two gauges, the tachometer, as well as the battery or fuel indicator on the edge. This is the only very modern-looking change that they implemented inside, except for the power flow diagram on its screen if you want it displayed, too.

By shifting to a more common-looking vehicle, the new hybrid car has become an efficient vehicle for those who want to switch to hybrid. While the drive would be generally silent, you could expect some revving if you take it out to the mountains, which many associate with other Ford or Suzuki models.