Your Favourite Celebrities Also Wore Braces

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends a visit to the orthodontist when parents notice signs of a dental problem. However, it does not mean that the orthodontist will be immediately fit the child with braces for teens because after the initial examination, the orthodontist will keep an eye on the concerns to determine the right time for the child to start treatment.

According to Australia Dental, there are adults who get braces later in life but most patients are usually teenagers. Braces are metal attachments that people have to wear on their teeth to have straighter teeth and improve oral health. Straight teeth make a person more confident to smile, laugh and speak.

Both teenagers and adults are usually influenced by the perfect smiles of celebrities but when Tom Cruise started his career he had crooked, discolored and missing teeth. Tom Cruise had to undergo multiple dental procedures during his years in the movie industry until he eventually agreed to ceramic braces at 40.

Even Royalty is not spared by dental imperfections. According to reports, both Prince Harry and Prince William wore braces on their bottom teeth for at least 10 years. It seems that the braces were worth the discomfort and length of treatment because both of the princes now look gorgeous.

Angelina Jolie is one of the most popular and beautiful actresses in the movie industry. The American actress grew up wearing braces. This means that braces are not something that people must be ashamed of.

Niall Horan from the popular band One Direction wore braces for a year and a half and he shared his experiences of having a metal mouth. Niall shared through tweets the most relatable aspects of wearing braces and how he had to visit the orthodontist every month. Niall is just too glad to be over that phase in his life.

Orthodontists often recommend braces for teens to give the teenage patient a healthy stable bite and a beautiful straight smile. Crooked or misaligned teeth impacts on the life of a teenager making him self-conscious whenever he smiles, laughs or speaks. Orthodontists will treat the dental problem while considering aesthetic and cosmetic interventions.