Women’s March In The Streets Of The United States

A day after the United States inaugurated its new president; more than a million Americans took to the streets to protest. According to initial estimates, about one million people joined the historic Women’s March on Washington. The sea of women who were joined by some men, poured into the streets of downtown Washington to easily outnumber the total number of attendees at the presidential inauguration.

Amidst the crowd, some celebrity performers and speakers like Alicia Keys, Madonna and Janelle Monae were very noticeable including well known activists Gloria Steinem and Angela Davis and actors America Ferrera and Ashley Judd. The Women’s March was generally peaceful without any incidents or police arrests.

In downtown Los Angeles, the crowd estimate was close to half a million people who took to the streets. According to event organizers, the number of protesters was higher. According to LA Times, the protest march reportedly had the largest turnout for any rally in the city for the last decade.

Chicago, Illinois also saw a huge turnout that was estimated at 250,000 people. A march was actually planned but the overwhelming number of people on the streets cancelled the actual march. The event was turned into a rally that spilled out of Grant Park.

The crowd at Midtown Manhattan was estimated at 200,000. The massive crowd marched past the Grand Central Station, headed up to Fifth Avenue towards the Trump Tower. The marchers had to be staggered in waves because of their considerable number.

Thousands turned out for the social justice march in Atlanta, Georgia with John Lewis, a civil rights hero and congressman speaking to the crowd to “never quit” “never give up” and get into “good trouble.”Crowd of protesters also marched in Denver, Phoenix, Boston, Oakland and Austin in support of the Women’s March in Washington.

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