Will Snowflakes Fall On Christmas Day?

What are the odds of having a white Christmas this year? According to Met Office spokesman, Grahame Madge, December last year was the warmest on record; however, current signs suggest the start of winter this December seems cooler and drier than last year. Met office defines white Christmas as single snowflake falling during the 24 hours of December 25 at a particular location.

“Particular location” can be the Met office in London, Buckingham Palace or Coronation Street in Manchester or some other place where snowfall data can be taken. Based on official classification, it is not required for snow to settle to be counted. Christmas can be classified as “white” even if it is not as picturesque as Bing Crosby imagined.

Somewhere in the UK, snow has fallen during Christmas for at least 38 times in the last 54 years but of all the winter months, December is the month that snow is least likely to fall. Snow is more frequent in January, February and March than December. Because the United Kingdom is located at the edge of the Atlantic, snow and rain can be difficult to forecast.

White Christmas was recorded in different parts of Britain in 2004 and during what people call as the “big freeze” last 2009/10. The big freeze was the coldest Christmas on record but it make travel highly hazardous. The most latest widespread white Christmas in the UK occurred in 2010 when snowfall was recorded on the ground in 83% of the stations.

Based on existing records, the Cairngorms in the Highlands of Scotland is the snowiest place in UK. It gets at least 76.2 days of snow and sleet falling on average every year. Other places where you will see plenty of snow include Shetland Islands, Fair Isle, Orkney Islands and certain parts of County Durham.

Even if snow does not fall on Christmas Day, nights can be chilly. Wear your Ugly Christmas Sweaters for warmth and to bring happiness. People can’t help but laugh when they see you wearing a knitted sweater with all sorts of decorations from reindeers, Santa Claus, Christmas trees and other stuff that are associated with the holiday season.