Will Michigan Become The 2nd State To Lower DUI Standard From .08 To .05?

The consequences of a DUI arrest can be pretty devastating for an individual. You can lose your license to drive, pay a large fine, face jail time and get a permanent criminal record. When you are charged with DUI, the best option is to hire a DUI lawyer who can present the case in a favorable manner to reduce the penalty or have the charge dismissed entirely.

In Michigan, people are advised to think twice before getting behind the wheel after having a drink. A law is being proposed to lower DUI standard from .08 to .05. Once passed, Michigan will become the 2nd state in the US to have lowered the limit. At present, Utah is the only state with a .05 limit. It took effect a few months ago and is proven to save lives.

According to Rep. Abdullah Hammoud, D-15th District, evidences from research are pretty overwhelming that at .05, individuals are impaired. Between .05 and .07, it is very likely for an individual to be involved in a car crash.

Rep. Hammoud has made two proposals; lower the legal limit or add an interlock device to the vehicle of an individual who has received his first conviction for drunk driving. At present, Michigan only adds the interlock device to those who have been convicted of super drunk driving where the alcohol level is .17 and more. Rep. Hammoud further said that research and science do not lie. Preventive measures must be undertaken to save lives and reduce fatalities due to drunk driving.

Dr. Michael Eggebrecht said that for some people, drink can have a minimal impact. For others, their coordination and attention can be affected. Factors like weight, height and how much food has been eaten can affect the impact. Others will have impaired judgment or slow response time.

Experts always suggest that people should avoid driving when drunk. If you are arrested for drunk driving, the DUI lawyer will know the defense that can carry weight. They can present the case more effectively and persuasively than if you do it alone. The lawyer is familiar with the laws on drunk driving and has lots of experiences in handling DUI matters.