Why Is There Christmas InJuly

The real Christmas is celebrated in December, which is summertime in some countries like Australia. For this reason, people find ways to celebrate Christmas in July just like how it is celebrated by people coming from the northern areas of the world.

Instead of having beach parties or water play, they consider snow at wintertime for this party, company picnic or business event. The original concept of Christmas in July came from QVC, a television marketing channel, which used it as a promotion. Here they offer snowmaking technologies and inexpensive products just like what you see in movie productions. So it really feels like Christmas especially that it’s actually the coldest month of the year.

All you need is real snow for your Christmas in July celebration. You can actually decorate any surface with snow that will last for days or weeks with minimal care. You can also make a snowplay area for young kids and adults to highlight the event. The setting up and decorating will only take few minutes and you can also cleanup with ease. It’s a similar way to decorate your holiday celebration just like what Northerners do in December.

You can use snowfall machines that shoot snowfall from ten to fifteen feet in the air. This can gather dramatic attention for a sale in any retail business, at the entrance of any party or event you have planned. You can also use evaporative foam technology just like the film industry, where you can shower your guests and entice a snowfall that will evaporate when it hits the ground. It will surely leave no mess or residue on the ground.

If you really want to get carried away, you can combine snowfall from above and snow on the ground to create a perfect snow scene. Ensure your guests can capture this momentous occasion using their cameras and create a Christmas card photo amidst the snow. They can also make a video for loved ones and close friends to see.

Now is the best time to market your Christmas in July promotions using your favorite snow theme. It’s a mid-year event that can be the coolest thing to happen in any part of the year. It’s celebrating the real Christmas season just like what the people from the northern hemisphere experience in December.