Why Choose Clip In Hair Extension

There are different types of hair extensions in the market today. Some of them cost a few hundreds to thousands of dollars to attach and maintain. However, there are those that are convenient, easy to attach and does not require complicated methods to maintain and apply. One of the easiest to use hair extension is clip in hair extension. More and more women choose this kind of hair extension for various reasons. Some of the reasons include the following:

Less hair damage

Clip in hair extension does not involve gluing the extension to the scalp or original hair. It also does not involve braiding, weaving or sewing in hair. All you have to do when you want a different hair style for the day is clamp the hair extension to your original hair and you are done. When you are done for the day, you can just unclasp it and you can safely sleep away. You can also choose to just tie it when you are too tired to remove it. Because of its simple application and removal, your hair and scalp are not prone to damage out of the process. Your scalp would not be exposed to tight knotting or to adhesives which is a necessary in other forms or clip in hair extension application.

Low maintenance

With clip in hair extension, you only have to wash and dry the hair extension properly after use then store it in an air tight container. There is no need for you to visit hair specialist and hair salon to keep the hair extension’s luster and to keep it in place. More permanent hair extensions require regular maintenance while attached to your natural hair. The process spells money since there is a need to use more specialized hair products to keep the desired hair style.

Can have more hair styles

Since you can easily remove clip in hair extension, you can have as many hair styles as you want, even on a daily basis. You can have a voluminous hair today and have a straight elegant hair on the next.