UK Conference Aimed At Cheering Up Country’s Sad Mental Health Record

When it comes to handling conference management service, many would say that energy and enthusiasm is a key aspect of the job. One conference is taking this idea to the extreme in order to help out with the UK’s mental health record, which has been in a spot of trouble.

The UK is discussing mental health, with issues like Prince Harry’s depression, MPs and bankers admitting to OCD and post-natal depression, and teachers warning of students’ selfie-narcissism, among other issues. With regards to mental health in the workplace, however, there have less headway, which a new conference is aiming to change.

The event, dubbed Mad World, aims to bring in CEOs, HR managers, startup founders and everyone else in the corporate world it can in order to discuss mental health in the workplace, not just for the well-being of the staff, but also for the company itself.

According to the mental health charity Mind, 95% of those who have taken time off thanks to workplace stress did not tell their employers as to why, and that according to the 2018 Cigna 360° Wellbeing Survey, which revealed that the UK is in the bottom five in the world when it comes to dealing with mental health issues in the workplace.

Few companies in the country have a clearly defined policy on handling mental health; according to the Institute of Directors discovered that only 14% of their members had a formal policy for mental health policy, in spite of 54% of their members has had staff suffering from mental ill health.

This is where Mad World comes in. To be held in London on October 9, it’s the biggest, business-focused conference on mental health in Europe, and its co-founder Simon Berger hopes that it will lead to real action to deal with the mental health issues of workers across the region.

Berger says that he’s a passionate advocate for finding solutions to deal with mental health issues in the workplace, and that he is hell-bent on dealing with what he sees is a global pandemic afflicting workplaces, as efficiently, quickly and sustainably as possible.

Berger got people working on conference management service to bring in companies from across the region to learn what has worked for workplaces, ranging from wide-scale approaches to more personal stories. He says that the whole idea of the event is to challenge the norm, to inspire fresh ideas when it comes to mental health with the end goal of ensuring that mental health is seen as just as vital as physical health, not just in businesses but in society as a whole.