Tourist Attractions In Saigon Close To The City Centre

Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon is a popular tourist attraction in Vietnam. The city was a French colony in the past and has some amazing monuments in French architecture. The city is witness to the Vietnam War and has a lot of museums dedicated to the war history.

Saigon attracts tourists from across the world and has many accommodation options to suit the different tourists. The city boasts of stunning 5 star hotels and resorts that offer world class amenities. Tourists planning a vacation to the city can book their stay at the popular boutique hotel in Saigon, and enjoy the warm hospitality and the stunning views of the city.

The famous boutique hotel in Saigon, is located in close vicinity to the popular sightseeing attractions in the city. Some of them are

Ho chi Minh city Museum

This museum is locally known as the HCMC museum and is housed in a neoclassical palace. The museum has exhibits that introduce the visitors to the past of the Ho Chi Minh City. The museum also has some interesting Vietnamese artefacts that introduce the visitors to the local culture.

War Remnants Museum

The war remnants museum is a must-visit place for tourists, who are interested to know about the Vietnam War. The museum contains different exhibits like, the bomb remnants, photographs of the war, and first-hand accounts of the war from war veterans and so on. Tourists can book their stay at the 5 star boutique hotel in Saigon and visit the War remnants museum, by walk.

Reunification palace

The palace is constructed in 1954 after the country got independence from the French. It is also known as the Independence palace. The palace is now converted into a museum but is also used to conduct official events and meetings of the Government. Tourists can visit the Reunification palace and see the different areas like the meeting rooms, dining rooms, kitchen etc. The palace was used by the South Vietnamese President during the war and contains the offices, bunkers, helipad, etc. used during the war. The reunification palace is in close vicinity to the popular 5 star boutique hotel in Saigon, which is located at the centre of the city.