Tips To Pull Off An Idyllic Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are becoming rather popular for newly engaged couples; however, this is not a decision that has to be taken lightly. Danielle Isenberg, events manager of Vogue Australia shares some of her best tips to pull off an idyllic destination wedding.

Isenberg and her husband chose Hawaii for their wedding because they have fallen in love with the picture-perfect scenery and local cuisine when they visited the islands. Couples who opt for destination weddings must choose a location that will suit their wedding style. If it is a beach wedding, Isenberg suggests Hawaii.

The guest list will drop depending on how far the location chosen. For example, you can have 400 guests if you wed in Sydney but 100 will only make it to a wedding that is held in Hawaii. If the destination wedding is scheduled during summer, it is easier for people to take off from work because they can use the location as the starting point for a holiday.

If you dream of a beach wedding, make sure to be aware of weather forecasts because you certainly do not want rain on your wedding day. You have to research the whole island to find a dry area. Since weddings mean expense, it is important to consider that you are getting married in another country. There are additional costs involved when you host an event because guests are traveling so far and you need to entertain them.

The couple also needs to consider shipping costs particularly if the bride will be wearing a 15-kilogram wedding gown. A suggestion to brides is to carry the wedding gown including the wedding shoes and accessories on the plane to make sure that it does not get lost. It is also important to get a local wedding planner who has contacts with wedding suppliers and will make sure that the site for the wedding is properly prepared.

Koh Samui wedding resorts are perfect for destination weddings. Aside from the favourable climate for most parts of the year, the gorgeous beach can be the perfect setting for the wedding ceremony. A couple can also opt to wed in a lush tropical garden setting near the beach.