Things To Consider For Bathroom Taps

Anyone who is buying a bath or basin tap knows how complicated it is. Making the wrong choice is unavoidable. So, how does one make the right choice?

Julia Gray shares some insights on what needs to be considered before buying bathroom taps.


The ease of use should be a priority, especially for the younger and older ones in the family, who will have a hard time operating several designs.

Mira Showers’ Simon Browning mentions that taps are used every day, so one has to think about how he or she will interact with them. She adds that controls should be precise and the taps should be easy to use.

In terms of a tap’s quality, Browning mentions that a warranty says a lot about the quality. Aesthetics, too, says a lot about its quality.

The number of taps

Mixer taps, those with one spout, are popular choices, with a mix of hot and cold water. Others prefer two separate taps for hot and cold, called pillar taps.

When a bath has 2 tap holes, it is not confined to separate taps. There are bath mixers which are designed for these 2 holes.

However, not every bath is pre-drilled with holes. To avoid doing so or when it is not designed for tap holes, use a floor-standing or a wall-mounted tap.

Consider the water system

According to Browning, this is somehow the more important factor especially if the water system has a low-pressure – when the tap is not a fit with the water flow being floor, it is going to take more time when filling a bath.


The various elements of the bathroom should go well together. If it is a period-style room, classic taps suit the period. On the other hand, modern taps go together with a contemporary room.

In order to check if a tap fits the style and size, try it with a bathroom suite. Needless today, the basin tap should be in proportion to a basin.

Most of the bathroom taps these days are chrome-plated, a Marble Basin and Chromed Tap & Plug works perfect together. However, other finishes are also available.