The Wonders Of The New Lighted Gift Box

Gift boxes, like the ever reliable Paper Mart gift boxes, are an important part of the process of gift giving. Their importance is heavily dependent on the fact that gift boxes are used as the ‘housing’ of the gift itself. Not only that; gift boxes also play a great role in influencing the surprise factor of the gift. When the recipient receives the gift, which is covered under layers of wrapping and hidden inside a gift box, it adds a thrill and the feeling of mystery and excitement on what the gift may hold.

There is always something special about the idea of gift giving no matter what relationship the giver may have with the recipient. It is even made further special if coupled with the perfect gift wrappings and boxes. And since people love giving and receiving gifts, it can be expected that numerous companies are taking advantage of this.

Right now, the industry of gift shops and card stores has already amounted to a whopping $20 billion and not only that; it is expected to rise even more as consumers continue to spend more on gifts.

Just recently, World Patent Marketing had announced a new product that would take the experience of gift giving to a whole new level.

According to the World Patent Marketing’s Director of Product Development, Cattya Bella, people are now getting tired of traditional gift materials that they use when they give presents to the people they love that’s why they had decided to develop something that would add excitement and drama to gifts.

The Lighted Gift Box is a brand new innovation, one that could light up to give an amazing dramatic effect. The Lighted Gift Box is operated by a battery and if you want to conserve its power, an on/off switch was placed to help you out. It is unique and offers a new experience to people. If you fear that it may overheat, then you can be assured that the Lighted Gift Box has a timer that would help conserve and save energy. Also, it has numerous designs for you to choose from, thus helping to bring out the creativity in you.