The Release Of Aprilia SR 150 In India

The company Piaggio has already released in India its most affordable model of motorbike. The bike model is referred to as Aprilia SR 150 which is priced at Rs 65,000 which was launched at the ex-showroom located in Delhi. The Italian based manufacturer has announced the price of the motorbike a few weeks ago and customers are now able to purchase the motorbike at Motoplex by Piaggio and Vespa dealerships located all over the country.

The price goes to show that the scooter has been made below the usual range of scooters manufactured by Vespa. It is already showing to be tight competition among other brand of motorbikes such as the latest Suzuki Access 125 and the Honda Activa 125.

The affordable motorbike carries style as well as performance that of a motorcycle while providing convenience that only a scooter can gibe. The SR 150 is considered the sportiest scooter that is now available in India. The exterior design of the SR is based on aerodynamics and the materials that were utilized by the manufacturer are all lightweight. According to the principle of aerodynamic when it comes to the bodywork of a motorbike, the scooter comes with a very sleek design that makes it standout from other scooters offered by competing brands.

The power of the motorbike comes from its single cylinder. It has an air cooler and the motor has three valves that is responsible in displacing 154.4 cc. The same motor is being used by the product line of Vespa 150s. It has the capacity to produce 11.6 PS of power when set at 7000 rmp while the near equivalent torque it creates is at 11.5 Nm when set at 5500 rpm. These figures might not be as high as the other 150cc motorbikes that are available commercially but the SR150 has gained its upper hand from being light weight when it comes to delivering sippy handling. One best example is that the scooter can easily make it to the 100 kmph marker which is usually found in the scooter available in India.

Aprilia motorbikes and the SR 150 can be purchased at various dealerships located all over India.