The Practice Of Family-Managed Funerals

In the past, there was no funeral director in Sydney and families have to take care of the dead. As communities became larger, common cemeteries were established as well as funeral homes to relive the families of logistical problems caused by death. The undertaker becomes responsible for the funeral arrangements including the creation of an appropriate atmosphere.

During the 20th century, undertakers became professional funeral directors who took care of all the practical aspects of arranging a funeral. Before the Civil War, funerals were family affairs with assistance from the church and community. Family members would take care of the dead including digging a grave. However, huge numbers of young men were dying in the war. They were far away from home, hence, the need for embalming, mass manufactured coffins and transportation to their hometowns.

When President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, his embalmed body was put on public display. This became a major marketing moment for funeral homes. Soon, the practice of caring for the dead at home only remained in rural areas.

Like most people, Rich and Sharon did not have plans for a funeral but they have read about death and the different options to standard funerals. One option is the green burial where the body is placed inside compostable caskets before it is laid on the ground.

Rich’s death was unexpected and Sharon wanted to bring the body home. Two chaplains put her in touch with A Sacred Moment, a local funeral home that supported family-managed funerals. Agroup brought the body to Sharon’s home and instructed her to keep it cold with packs of dry ice.

Sharon and her daughter washed and clothed the body and replaced the dry ice every 12 to 18 hours. Mourners would arrive individually or in groups and stayed as long as possible. For Sharon and their family, it was extremely comforting to have people praying together.

Over the years, funeral director in Sydney has supported families during their saddest moments. They provide the family with different options to make the funeral appropriate to their needs. They do their utmost best to accommodate special requests in the performance of the last rites.