The Perfect Office For A Business

It can be very difficult to set up an office, especially since the nature of work constantly shifts pace.

The challenge that entrepreneurs face is balancing their team culture with the costs.

Angela Ferguson, the boss in Sydney’s Futurespace, has worked with some of the biggest companies, such as Google and MYOB, to reinvent their offices. She thinks that spending a lot of money on wrong things is the biggest mistake that small businesses make.

Strategic planning

According to her, for anyone that sets up an office, they have to be more strategic with what they buy and when they do it. She adds that they should spend their money on things that can be taken with them if they decide to move, and that they should spend lesser on fixed elements that easily date and become impractical or useless.

Ferguson also thinks that open plan is sometimes poorly planned through.

She said that in order for an open plan to work, there should be spaces for when employees need quiet time, privacy or when they want to work independently. A range of furniture or technology set ups could be used to enclose these spaces.

Creating an ideal office

Ferguson shares her hints for creating an ideal office.

Different spaces

She suggests creating a workspace with various individual spaces. Employees need these for creative thinking, as well as to differentiate the social time, individual work or collaborative work.

Healthy building

One has to make sure that the office is ventilated, with a number of windows, and that there isn’t water damage in the carpets which causes respiratory illness, according to Ferguson.


She recommends having plants, those suitable for indoors like ficus, peace lilies and rubber tress. This also cleans the air.


Natural light stimulates creativity and produces a positive environment


The office has to be kept clean especially the papers, cables and technology. Clutter is stressful and also unhealthy.


There are many bargains online for Office Furniture Sydney that entrepreneurs can check to keep costs down when creating that ideal office. It is best to make sure that the item lasts long rather than getting thrown after a year in a landfill.