The Most Popular Employment Opportunities In Thailand

Thailand is a haven for students because once they have graduated there are many job opportunities waiting for them. International students enrolled at are often expected to go to other countries once they have completed their education but many are staying in the country because of the diverse job opportunities.

According to the latest report regarding the job market of Thailand, the sector has undergone an evolution that reflects the digital age. This is why it is not surprising that one of the most sought after jobs are in the area of Information Technology. Companies will be missing out on a lot of things if they do not turn to digital means which is why technology is the driving force in many workplaces.

Based on the recent report, the top five jobs in the country as of 2019 are sales, engineering, information technology, accounting and administrative.

According to the founder of one of the top online job portals in Thailand, Sapir Matmon, they have partnered with all the top recruiters in the country including small businesses but 70 per cent of the available jobs posted on their site falls under those five categories. The most common and the leading sector are sales which accounts to 20 per cent of all the jobs available.

She added that many of those who are looking for a job will be happy if they get to be qualified in a position under sales. Employees in the information technology sector are having a rough time though because there are not enough candidates for them to fill all the available positions. Sapir said that 57 per cent of the job applications submitted through their website is intended for jobs under the top five categories.

The main difference between sales and information technology is the number of applicants. While there are many who are willing to enter sales, there are not enough applications in IT. This is why industry experts are calling to students including those enrolled in to try the information technology sector in the future to fill the growing gap. Those who are still thinking of their career path should consider these five categories to have a higher chance of employment in the future.