The Most Expensive Engagement Rings In The World

De Beers Diamond company used the slogan “Diamond are Forever” and people suddenly had a serious interest on diamond engagement rings. The diamond company has also advertised that you can buyan engagement ring worth three months of the salary but there are a few who have gone overboard with their choices.

  1. The most expensive engagement ring in the world was given by Richard Burton to Elizabeth Taylor. The 33.19 carat central Krupp Diamond was cut in the Asscher style. The diamond is rated as Type 11a stone which is considered to be the most chemically pure diamond. In 2011, the engagement ring was auctioned off for $8.8 million to an unknown collector.
  2. The second most expensive diamond engagement ring is owned by Beyonce. Jay-Z commissioned Lorraine Schwartz to design the ring that contains 18 carat central diamond, octagon cut on a split platinum base. The primary gem is considered to be flawless in quality while the platinum band is covered in diamonds.
  3. The engagement ring that Paris Latsis gave to Paris Hilton when he proposed has a central stone of 24 carats. Paris Hilton said that the ring was very heavy. The engagement did not work out.
  4. The fourth most expensive engagement ring in the world was given to Grace Kelly by Prince Rainier III of Monaco. The central emerald cut diamond was 10.47 carats. There were two smaller diamonds on both sides which were also exquisitely cut.
  5. The engagement ring given to Jennifer Lopez by Marc Anthony had an 8.5 carats centre stone and crusted with blue diamonds. The blue diamonds were remarkable in their clarity which gave the stone a unique colour.
  6. Melania Trump’s engagement ring features an astounding 15-carat emerald cut diamond. There are no accents making the ring simple and elegant with the diamond as its only focal point.

Engagement rings do not have to be worth millions of dollars. There are Melbourne engagement rings that can express your undying love without spending a fortune. Propose to your loved one using a customized ring that embodies uniqueness in every aspect or you can choose from a myriad of beautiful options.