The ISIS Way Of Recruiting Members

With the threat of terrorism at your doorstep, your home should be equipped with security cameras and advanced alarm systems. The spread and love of terrorism has entangled the mind of youths and have sparked their desire to join the rising militant group in the Middle East- ISIS. ISIS uses the power of social influence in instilling obedience and fear to people’s minds and even in brainwashing them.

The extremism of ISIS

The various extreme activities of ISIS can be read in the newspapers, read in online magazines, blogs and other social media websites. As concerned citizens in this planet, each one has responded to this act of terrorism by constantly talking and educating people about it in hopes that the spread of terror will be stopped. However, ISIS does not only kill using weapons, it murders people that are far from their physical grapple by stealing the true realities of people. ISIS creates a new reality and world for their newly initiated members. The leaders of the militant group enforce blind obedience to its members in order to seek world dominance and with the goal in mind of annihilating infidels.

How are they successfully manipulating their recruits? Perhaps you might be thinking that any person that is still sane and is able to use his logic would be able to see that what ISIS is doing is without a doubt wrong, that killing is wrong. This is not the case for the new recruits; they are blinded and are allured into pledging full allegiance to the group because ISIS leaders are masters at controlling minds. This is according to the American Psychological Association.

The recruiters have mastered the process of convincing people and they do this by following some kind of social psychological principles. There are many steps consisting a successful manipulation and it include isolating the targeted recruits, interrupt the information flow, overload them with ISIS principles, throw them off their balance and create mystical experiences to create a way in controlling the emotions, information, behavior and thoughts of the recruits. The most terrifying illusion perhaps is presenting and convincing that you are in control of your life and that you are unstoppable.