The Importance Of Data Backup Done By Tecrep24 On-Site Computer Repair Services

Backing up all the data on your computer is crucial to saving corrupted files when something goes wrong with your computer. There are several unexpected events that can happen such as hard drive breakdown, virus infestation, and file corruption that could destroy all your significant files when you don’t expect them. Data backup must be an important habit of your usage routine, however, not all computer users are doing it diligently.

The importance of backing up your files

Data are stored in the computer drives. The continuous writing and reading of data can lead to drive failure in the end because of drive degradation or mechanical failure, which is usually without warning. Other causes of data loss are power interruptions, virus, file or system corruption, malware, or ransomware infections. All these events can damage the contents of your computer; thus, it is essential to hire Tecrep24 on-site computer repair services to do the backing up of your computer.

Where to put your backup files

It is crucial that you have a reliable form of storage means to store your backed-up data. Your storage medium will depend on the scope of the file, portability, setup complexity, security requirements, and budget. The skilled technicians of Tecrep24 on-site computer repair services recommend the following storage media for backing up your files:

  • External drives – these are among the most familiar storage media which are convenient to setup, provide a multi-storage option, portable, relatively cheap, and large enough for storing huge files. However, external drives are likely to fail over time, get damaged when they fall or get lost when misplaced, and run short of space because of their fixed size. They are also prone to get stolen and damaged because of a disaster such as a flood, fire, etc.
  • Disc media – flammable discs are becoming obsolete nowadays, although many are still using them. They are portable and cheap, too, but they have inadequate storage capacity, slower performance than flash or hard drives, and short shelf life.
  • Flash drives or USB – they are portable, durable, and inexpensive. But they have limited storage capacity and can easily get stolen.
  • Cloud backup – this is the latest style in backing up your files. They can be accessed any time from a device connected to the internet.
  • NAS device – it uses many storage drives to create larger joint storage.

Data backups are so essential to ensure the safety of your files and provide extra copies of files in cases of any eventuality.