The Dangers Of Plastic Covers In Brand New Cars

New cars often come with thin plastic covers on the car seats and metal trim panels. In order to preserve the new and shiny look, car buyers refuse to remove the plastic covers that are harmful to the health of passengers. To protect the brand new car seats, the best option is to use seat covers with unmatched quality and cutting edge designs.

A new car is a big investment and car owners will do everything to keep it looking new for as long as possible. They will clean every little surface and crevice and keep all the protective elements that came from the auto factory. However, the love and care for the new car fades with time and they start neglecting the hard-earned investment.

Auto manufacturers use plastic strips on metal trim panels to prevent damages and stains during manufacturing and transport. Mass market cars have the plastic strips attached to the cars when delivered but the right process is to remove these thin protective pieces before delivery. These plastics are made from inferior and low quality plastics that are designed to be thrown away.

If you leave the plastic sheets covering the car seats, you are compromising your health. These thin plastic sheets secrete harmful chemicals during extreme weather conditions and you are breathing these chemicals while inside the car.

Very poor quality plastics can melt with the heat and damage the panels that they are supposed to protect. The plastic sheets on the car seats have the potential to ruin your car upholstery and negatively affect the cushioning.

This is the reason why many auto manufacturers are reducing the amount of plastics inside car interiors. They have begun exploring the possibilities of organic materials and vegan leather upholsteries. They want their cars to be eco-friendly and to reduce their carbon footprints.

If you have recently purchased a new car from the dealership, remove all plastics immediately. There are beautiful seat covers that can protect the car seats without compromising your health. Seat covers come in different materials, designs and colors that could perfectly match the car interiors. They do not cost a fortune and are easily available from online retailers.