Tech Leaders Share Effective Team Building Techniques

Many companies nowadays hire professionals such as in order to organize their team building activities for them. They are experts when it comes to planning events that will foster teamwork and will benefit the employees and the company as a whole. For small tech businesses organizing their team building event on their own, leaders from leading tech companies share their techniques when it comes to team building.

According to Due’s Chalmers Brown, the main goal of a team building is to give employees the chance to play together without taking away their days off. Instead of doing the projects they are assigned at work, the staff members will tackle fun things as one while challenging themselves. It will not only promote teamwork but it will also widen their understanding of one another and build trust in the process.

Coding Dojo’s Richard Wang said that it is the task of the team leader to create a goal for the employees to reach daily. It is the leader’s responsibility to ensure that culture is nourished within the team and that they are determined to reach their goal by contributing their individual skills and work as a single unit.

Cedric Savarese, the CEO of FormAssembly, said that soft skills are often found among managers and company team leaders. It does not mean that the employees should not hone their own. The key is to give them motivation and encourage their engagement. They should learn how to give encouragements through simple gestures and to make sure they keep their selves in check with regards to committing undesirable behavior.

Aha!’s Brian de Haaff said that leaders of tech firms must know when to encourage their group so that they handle every project and task assigned to them with as much urgency as possible. This is the same principle they are following in their firm which they referred to as The Responsive Method.

Ron Cogburn of Exela Technologies recommended a simple activity for team building. It does not need the careful planning of experts such as since all team members have to do is hug one another. Physical yet professional connection is an effective method of bringing people together.