TAT Enlisting Insurance Firms To Provide Coverage To Short-Stay Tourists

The Tourism Authority of Thailand, in a bid to maintain the country’s reputation as a tourism destination, has signed a memorandum of understanding with three major insurance companies for the Thailand Travel Shield programme, an insurance policy providing health insurance in Thailand for foreign tourists.

The insurance plan is an online insurance package, which provides coverage to foreign travellers in the Kingdom of up to Bt2 million, with the lowest premiums sitting at Bt400 for every trip, covering up to a seven-day stay.

The three major insurers that have signed the MOU are Krungthai Panich Insurance, Muang Thai Insurance, and South East Insurance.

TAT Governor Yuthasak Supasorn spoke on the matter, saying that this new travel insurance plan, which provide life, vehicle, travel and health insurance in Thailand for foreign travellers in the country, was aimed at providing peace of mind and security for tourists.

Mr. Yuthasak says that, since July 2014, the TAT has been in a partnership with both Muang Thai Insurance and Krungthai Panich Insurance, and this year allows them to work with South East Insurance, a new partner.

For 2019, Thailand Travel Shield aims to serve 10 million free independent travellers in Thailand, with a penetration target of 1%, which amounts to about 100,000 insurance policies to FITs.

Krungthai Panich Insurance CEO Keerati Phanitchiva spoke on the matter, saying that about a third of the 10 million FITs that’ll be travelling to Thailand will be Chinese tourists, with the others hailing from other countries, like Europeans tourists who likely already have insurance from their own countries, but additional coverage can’t hurt.

Tourists can buy the insurance plan online, then, when they get to Thailand, can use either Alipay, Mastercard, Union Pay or VISA for payment. Once they pass the immigration process, the insurance will be active 24/7 during their stay in Thailand, and there’s also call centre staff, who can speak 40 languages, who can assist in the case of accidents, sickness, cancelled flights, lost properties, or even death, until they leave the country.

Mr. Yuthasak sees the insurance plan as important, and hopes that it will help raise confidence among travellers.