Sydney Dad Buys Brothel For Kids

A man from Castle Cove on Sydney’s Lower North Shore has opted to get his a fancy new home with hardwood timber flooring, and Victorian era aesthetics and decor, located in a prime location in the neighbourhood, not far from key establishments. Purchased at a cheap price, the property was, for all intents and purposed, a bargain. There’s one weird detail about the house though; it used to be a brothel.

Located on George Street, the huge property sports five bedrooms, and is just a short walk away from the local station, not far from the neighbourhood’s cafes and restaurants. The prime location works well for the home, which contains special features like two bedrooms with spa baths, with a mirrored bedroom with an open shower. The lounge room also hides a safe under the floor, seeing as the lounge acted as the office back when it operated as a brothel.

A former brother, even one with spiffy Victorian design and hardwood timber flooring might be appeal to everyone, but the buyer managed to get his hands on the property for a mere $1.3m. Notably, despite Sydney’s usually packed property auctions, the ex-brothel only had two interested parties during the auctions. The $1.3m is a bargain, considering the property’s size and location, on top of the fact that it only needs renovation, not a rebuilding, in order to be liveable.

The original reserve for the property was $1.4 million, but with only two bidders showing up for the auction, the seller opted to sell for the lower price, with only the buyer having bid in the first place. According to data from, the auction started off with a low ball offer of $1.2m. The property sold thanks to the real estate agent, Belle Property Surry Hills’ Ted Pye, convincing the seller to convince to drop the reserve.

The buyer currently has plans to renovate the classic Victorian terrace for his two kids, both in their mid 20s. Right now, the property has classic Victorian terrace design like hardwood timber flooring, a marble fireplace, large French doors, an iron lace balcony and high ceilings.