Spending Fine Dining In Bangkok At Gaggan Restaurant

A reservation at Gaggan, an inventive Indian restaurant, was always tough. It’s where you can spend fine dining in Bangkok with a loved one or an associate.

The restaurant garnered three straight wins in Asia’s 50 Best Awards, which nearly stretched to four months of waiting.

The restaurant is manned with a team of four members who handles roughly 500 booking requests per day. A Michelin star may be expectedon the way. It really handles a large volume of fine dining in Bangkok every day.

According to Chef GagganAnand, we need to shut down the restaurant, as a restaurant has a ten-year lifespan. If it exceeds such lifespan, it turns out to be a brand.”

The plan was to shut down Gaggan in 2020, which is unusual for the time when celebrity chefs like Wolfgang Puck and Gordon Ramsay are trying to spin success in the global food empires.

Not only that, the restaurant is expected to safely land a spot in the first Michelin Guide for Bangkok, which is due for release this December.

Anand has used molecular gastronomy tools like liquid nitrogen to redefine customary Indian food while preserving genuine flavours and tastes.

Still Anand perceives an expiry dates. He likened himself into a bottle of champagne, that once opened will likely fizzle out. Maybe he could have had someone sharing fine dining in Bangkok for a more cherished experience.

He got his idea from mentors of the award-winning El Bulli, which was immeasurably popular and had to shut down in 2011. The Spanish restaurant gained its title as World’s 50 Best five times and is an exact sample of making star power on the list.Gaggan ranks number seven in this year’s global list, which is an event related to the Oscars in the food world.

39-year-old Anandwas raised in Kolkata. He started his cooking career at aged 7 with a packet of instant noodles. He almost cried aloud when he saw the finished product didn’t exactly look like what was artistically garnished in the brand.

Nowadays, the chef spends most of his time researching and developing food products.

One of his most complicated dishes he discovered was his eggplant cookie.