Spar Shop Undertakes Measures To Prevent Shoplifting

Spar in Plungington Road has marked food costing as little as £2 with yellow security devices that can trigger an alarm at the door. Baskets were also tagged individually to prevent them being removed from the store. The store has to undertake these measures after repeated shoplifting offenses in the area.

When a picture of the tagged items was posted on social media, people were shocked. There was a comment that it was an awful sign of the times. A member of the staff said that so much stuff has been stolen and the police are not doing enough to solve the problem. The police come and look but do nothing.

According to local councilor Pav Akhtar, when he arrived at the Spar shop, there was much confusion with people, ambulances and police all the over place. The shopkeeper was dealing with the shoplifters while police cars drove past several times. Councilor Akhtar is asking the police on the support they provide communities. Businesses are struggling but what are the police doing?

Social distancing is not happening in communities like Plungington. There are drug users and hardened drinkers on the streets. They are harassing people and physically manhandling them. There is a serious public health risk but the police are not responding.

Meanwhile, Lancashire police said that they have carried out almost 20 warrants in the area over the last 2 months. A number of people have been arrested and charged with drug offenses. Specific issues around areas like the Spar Shop have been addressed.

Lancashire police also said that they working closely with communities through leaflet drops, online events and online question and answer sessions. One initiative that the council and the police are looking at is the removal of the wall outside the Spar shop to minimize crime and anti-social behavior.

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