Singapore Business Leaders Seriously Concerned About Tech Talent Gap

Tech talents have become more discernable when it comes to employment opportunities. Since demand for digitally-skilled talents is significantly high, tech talents have the opportunity to choose the companies they wish to be part of. There are reviews like King Kong reviews in job recruitment sites like Indeed including ratings to help tech talents make confident decisions.

According to a report by Robert Half International Inc., a global staffing firm, some of things that Singaporean business leaders worry about are technology and talent gap. At least 45% of Singaporean business leaders say that technological changes are one of their most major external concerns.

Matthieu Imbet-Bouchard, managing director of Robert Half said that business leaders have the opportunity to enhance every aspect of their organization by using technology. Customer experience can be improved through big data and leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) can enhance productivity.

However, using technology to enhance an organization is not only about implementing new operating systems and processes. Business leaders must undertake organizational changes and cultivate a workforce that could take advantage of the potentials of emerging technologies. Business leaders must also ensure that their organization is prepared to act against evolving threats and restrictions that are specific to the industry.

Aside from technological changes, geopolitical and economic challenges are some of the challenges for business Global economy is volatile and there are uncertain trade policies due to the US-China trade war. There is also political tension that results into sleepless nights for executives.

Talent gap is also a major concern because the demand for tech talents is outpacing supply in the local market. Employers need to hire technically skilled and highly experienced candidates for business growth. Since highly skilled digital talents are scarce, business leaders can develop the workforce through training and skills development.

Global demand for tech talent continues to rise. Job sites like Indeed post available jobs with employee reviews so that job seekers will be well informed about the potential employer. An example of employee reviews is King Kong reviews that provide job seekers with an insight on the digital agency’s work culture, life-work balance, job security and career advancement.