School As The Solution To The Loneliness Of The Elderly

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It is back to school season in Thailand but surprisingly, a group of 60-year olds wearing crisp red and white uniforms, were seen piling up into a bus. The elderly students were smiling broadly as they make their way to an Ayutthaya school in Thailand.

PoonsriSeangnual, a 63-year old student has her hair tied like a school girl. According to Poonsri, she enjoys going to school because of the knowledge she can gain. She has lot of friends in school and she is lonely if she does not meet them. She also misses the classroom and the fun of being with her classmates. She looks forward to school every Wednesday because she gets to talk and laugh together with her friends.

Elderly students from all over Thailand are returning to school to cure their loneliness at a time when changing demographics resulted into elderly people living by themselves. According to SomjitTeeraroj, a 77-year old widow, her husband died 40 year ago. Her children would visit her occasionally but she still feels lonely. Going back to school was the solution to overcome her loss.

The story of Somjit is quite common in the ageing population of Thailand. Together with China, Thailand is ageing faster compared to its regional neighbours. According to data from the World Bank, Thailand is expected to have the highest number of elderly people among the developing countries in East Asia by 2040. Traditionally, the elderly lived at home with the family but now they go to weekly classes sponsored by the government to alleviate their loneliness.

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