Risk Of Hiring House And Pet Sitting Service

A couple from Perth, Australia experienced firsthand the consequence of hiring someone to watch over their pet while they were away. They wanted to send a warning to homeowners planning to do the same including those who are contemplating of hiring a house sitting service. It is better to have security doors in Perth or leave the pets to a family member than trust with someone you don’t know.

According to the couple, Fiona and his husband Colin, the woman they hired through a pet sitting agency robbed them while she was watching over their dog. The most unfortunate thing is that insurance will not cover the losses incurred during the incident.

The couple wished to remain anonymous by not publishing their last names but they shared how violated they were to find out after coming back from a vacation that lasted for five weeks that their live-in pet sitter ran away with their jewelry worth thousands of dollars and other items inside the house.

They decided to sue the WA agency they used in order to hire the pet sitter. They paid $1,055 for the services of the pet sitter only to find out from the owner of the company that they are not going to cover for the incident’s losses. The agency is called Pet Sitters Club which is owned by Cathy McGarvey. According to the owner, their insurance provider will not cover the losses as a result of criminal acts that were committed by one of her staff.

The couple turned to their home insurance provider and the claim was also rejected because they gave their consent when the pet sitter stayed inside the house. Police investigations revealed that the pet sitter was able to steal the jewelry because she broke into a room with lock despite being told by the couple that she is not allowed to go in there.

Charges have already been filed against Trudy Matthews, the 39 years old pet sitter and she was given a suspended jail term for seven months. The couple urged everyone to install security doors in Perth rather than hire a house sitter and if they have pets they should find someone they know that could take care of it instead in order to avoid the headache they went through.