Qantas And Virgin Top Execs Bash Aussie Airports Over High Fees

There’s a lot going on in and around airports; with a Cairns to Port Douglas shuttle being just one cog in a massive system. Naturally, there’ll be fees for the matter, though the AU’s airports have taken some criticism from some key executives over their fees.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce and Virgin Australia CEO Paul Scurrah recently went out and called out the country’s airports over their fees. The two major executives, speaking in Canberra, at the National Press Club, also called for an arbitration system, which, they say, would help consumers by providing them with better pricing options.

The airlines, via these two bosses, are effectively calling for the waiving of passenger fees, as well as for the federal government to step in and impose more regulations on airports.

Joyce says that monopoly airports are charging excessively, and their fees are damaging the country’s economy, which they’re able to do with little issue due to the fact that there is actually no threat of intervention to deal with their system. He says that, with Aussie airports being the only game available, it has resulted in a lopsided economy that’s bad for them, the travelling public, the economy, and the country, as a whole.

As for the workers, the Transport Workers’ Union’s Secretary, Michael Kaine noted that airport profits were uncontrolled, but that wasn’t helping workers, who were still dealing with poor working environs. The union has, in effect, thrown in their support for additional regulation for the airports.

Mr. Kaine says that, with all of the businesses like the many Cairns to Port Douglas shuttle operating with airports, safety and security still get left by the wayside by airports when dealing with profit issues.

Naturally, the airports have fired back, saying that, in spite of what the airlines say, they are working for their own interests, with the Australian Airports Association CEO Caroline Wilkie saying that the airlines are just looking for ways to entrench their positions, make more money, and make it harder to competition to keep up.

ACCC Chairman Rod Sims himself has called out Australia’s airports, considering them unregulated monopolies, and has stated that they should be regulated for the sake of customers.