Plans For Underground Cable In Patong Hits A Snag

Underground cable project for Patong beachfront will not be happening soon because of the missing information conveyed by the CAT Telecom, an internet and communications firm owned by the state. The main goal of the project is to install cables for power as well as communication. This is disappointing news for accommodations such as hotel in Patong and other local businesses near the beachfront.

The director of the engineering division in Patong, SurapolBuakaew, did not share what the missing information the company failed to provide. According to him, the municipality of Patong is not able to conduct a public meeting to announce the project details to the business owners and the residents of the area due to the missing information from CAT.

Mr. Surapol emphasized the importance of the missing information. There was already a plan in place but now it must be adjusted accordingly. The public meeting was not organized due to a small issue with the plan which is impossible to be used. Therefore, the contractor will need to make some changes with the plan for them to be able to move forward with the project.

He added that he cannot give a timeframe as to when the plan will be completed after the necessary alterations are done but he has already requested that the contractor take care of it the soonest time possible. When it is finished, he will be able to have a discussion with the business owners and the residents. An invitation will also be sent by the Patong Municipality to the police department to talk about the impact of the project to the traffic along with parking areas.

Once the project begins, Mr. Surapol said that the cables will be buried with 50 meters interval. They are not going to do the three kilometres at once so as not to cause too much disturbance on the roads.

The project is bonded in a contract worth 228 million baht in partnership with I.M.P. Consortium. The deadline is on March 5 of the following year. After which, owners of hotel in Patong and various businesses will have stable power lines and uninterrupted communication cables under the ground.