Operation Of The Women’s Winter Shelter Depends On New Boiler

The YWCA in Lancaster needs a new boiler because without it, they will not be able to provide long-term housing as well as emergency shelter during the cold weather in the city.

According to the chief operating officer of the Lancaster YWCA, Cheryl Gahring, the boiler is not just a request but it is necessary to provide warmth to the whole building.

Officials said that buying a new heating system will cost them around $130,000.

Gahring shred that the YWCA is currently housing for long-term arrangement around 50 women and they also have temporary beds that can be occupied by at least 44 women and children who are in need of a place to stay during the cold days.

The Women’s Winter Shelter was established in 2011 because of the collaborative effort between YWCA as the host while Lancaster Country Council of Churches runs the program.

Rebecca Saner who is the Council of Churches’ shelter director said that they have been close to the maximum capacity the shelter can hold for several weeks but they always make sure to find arrangements for people who are in need of shelter.

The chief executive officer working for YMCA, Michelle McCall, admitted that the building is already a century year old and needs some major physical changes. Last year, they were able to raise enough funds to get new lockers as well as showers, they were also able to repair the windows in the gymnasium which are now weatherproof and the gym floor has been resurfaced.

McCall said that another major issue needs attention and that is the boiler. Is has already failed a number of times and it is leaking at the same time. The cold weather is not helping because it requires the boiler to work more. She is now proposing a replacement of a multi-unit system that will have three small boilers. According to McCall, this new system is more efficient in warming the building. She is now asking the community of Lancaster for voluntary donations in order to purchase the $130,000 heating system.

To avoid boiler problems, preventive maintenance should be conducted regularly and any issues that need boiler repairs should be addressed immediately.