New Camera, Home Alarm Perth Introduced

In today’s kind of hectic lifestyle wherein majority of the human beings are now heavily relying on various sorts of technology whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet or a personal computer, safety and security are two basic things we should not forget, not a single bit because regardless of the awesomeness of your gadget if you are careless, then you won’t live long enough to be able to maximize the features of the said gadget that has been glued into your hands during the majority of the day. You see, criminals nowadays are shifting their attention towards people with incredibly expensive gadgets especially when walking on the streets or while taking public transportation such as the bus or train. In fact, thieves nowadays are upping their games, targeting homes which they know have numerous gadgets and other things that have high monetary values. That’s the reason why it’s recommended that you install a home alarm Perth along with a reliable set of CCTV cameras around the premises of your home because when thieves see that you have these stuff at home, they will think more than twice before even wanting forcefully enter your home.


Just during the latter part of July of this year, Reolink, a manufacturer of security products such as home alarm Perth and CCTV cameras, has announced the official availability of one of their brand new products, the Argus Wire-free HD Security Camera which clients can now place their respective orders on Indiegogo Product Marketplace for only 100 US Dollars. Aside from being able to generate high definition videos and images, this security camera is powered by battery and is completely wireless. You just need to connect the camera into your home’s WIFI router and you can now control it. Aside from that, it’s also perfect to be used outdoors because the camera is weatherproof meaning it can stand any kind of extreme weather condition without getting damaged. It also has a two-way audio system and a siren alarm in case it detected and unauthorized movement.  In connection to this, the Argus camera is the first of its kind in the world that is equipped with smart features which can lessen the risk of getting robbed.