Myanmar Hoping To Grow Their Tourism Industry Through The Forgotten Temple City

Mrauk U used to be the capital of a very powerful country and it was considered one of the richest cities that can be found in Asia. It continues to prosper until the 18th century because of its trading port which made it possible for them to trade items such as spices, tree sap, rice, slaves, deer hide, ivory, horses, elephants, textiles and cotton. After that century, the capital started to crumble and it became an ordinary backwater town in the Rakhine state. The city used to be a place of harmony for many including Buddhists, Christians and Muslims. Their history is evident on the ruined temples, storehouses as well as fortifications that have been abandoned for over a century.

These sites are now being surveyed by archaeologist and the country is hoping to get more tourists to the country because of these sites. This is why Myanmar hotels in Yangon are now preparing to accommodate the influx of tourism in the country as it is securing the sites in order for Mrauk U to be included in the world heritage list by Unesco. They are hoping to achieve the same thing as Angkor Wat in Cambodia and the pyramids found in the country of Egypt.

This proposition is supported by Kofi Annan, the former secretary general of United Nations. According to him, Mrauk U can be considered as the best physical representation of how rich the history and culture of Rakhine used to be. An international commission has already published an interim report for 2017 that nominates the city under Myanmar to be awarded the world heritage status. Ever since the publication of the report, there is a considerable increase in enthusiasm all over the country. The process may not be finalized after several years but as they are deliberating, the government of Myanmar is on its way in transforming Mrauk U. It will no longer be a ghost town but rather an international tourism destination that will bring millions of tourists every year to the Myanmar hotels in Yangon and will help the economy of the nation.