My Little Pony Characters For Cosplay

My Little Pony characters are typical inspirations for cosplayers. If you are into cosplay, you can be Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie for a convention but you can simply wear a hooded sweatshirt with My Little Pony character.

It is not easy being a cosplayer. You have to research for weeks or months if you are going to compete. You need to learn the rules of the event before you start creating your costume. Most conventions have certain rules on how much your cosplay and that of your partner can build. Usually, it is about 60% to 80% unless you are competing in the master’s division.

Most conventions will offer you two choices: performance or walk-on. Again, you have to read the rules before planning. Sometimes when it is a group performance, you will not be required to do everything in your costume because you have others to depend on for failure or success. Music-based performances are a big hit especially if it is a spoof.

If you have chosen to do a walk, you need to push yourself in crafting your costume. You will have very little time on the runway and you need to create an impression. Sometimes an awesome display can be combined with cosplay so that you can give the audience something to love. Make use of sound clips for the wow factor.

On the day of the convention, you will have a brief overview on how to do things. It will also give you the chance to practice on stage. Make sure you arrive before the judges so that you will have the extra time to prepare yourself for the questions. Make sure you have organized everything to avoid panicking.

Judges always want to see how your costume was created so that you need to keep a record of everything. You can compile some progress shots, material samples, reference images and personal sketches including expenses. Even if you do not plan to compete, keeping records will be a reference. You will eventually improve your skills and it will be good to have a record of your accomplishments.