Multihull Solutions Regatta Phuket Won By Phantom V

Those who went to Phuket to enjoy a taste of luxury yacht hire in Thailand also got an extra show with the annual Multihull Solutions Regatta being held in the island’s southern waters. The competition ended on July 16, with the winner being the Phantom V.

A Stealth catamaran owned by Andrew Hurford, the boat was built and piloted by Alan Carwardine and Roger Diggleman. Throughout the Racing Multihull Division’s events, the Phantom V managed to finish 1st four times, and never below 3rd, allowing it to acquire the title of champion.

Warwick Downes’ Bonza, AKA the old Fugazi, performed exceptionally throughout the races, but ended up losing to the Phantom V in spite of having two 1st place finishes.

On the event’s final day, the new Fugazi, a Bakewell White 10.5 owned by Dan Fidock, managed to overcome its teething problems, and sped through the waters managing to earn line honours as well as 2nd place in Race 1, setting a time of 1:35:29 after it sailed around Koh Bon, Koh Loh, then heading back to Phuket’s deep port safe water mark. The team also managed to snag the win for Race 2 for the Racing Multis, a 3-lap windward-leeward helping the boat accelerate to victory.

Glyn Rowlands’ Twister 2 featured three generations on board, managing to finish 4th, which might’ve been higher were it not for the FPSA on Race 3 that hindered the team. Dirk Weiblen’s No Fear placed last in the five-boat division but several cases of DNSs and DNFs meant that it only started three in three of the seven races in the Racing Multis.

The Firefly Division was a tooth-and-nail Battle Royale from the moment it started, thanks to arch-rivals Twin Sharks and Voodoo competing against in each, with only a point separating both boats on the final day of racing. The last race, fittingly enough, decided which of the nemeses would win, with Twin Sharks finishing 2nd against Voodoo in 4th after a port vs. starboard incident on the last lap’s downward leg, allowing the former to move up into second place and win the title.

All the exciting events could be seen by people in the beaches and on luxury yacht hire in Thailand, and, even though the 2019 Regatta only recently ended, Multihull Solutions’ Andrew de Bruin is already taking charterers for the 2020 Regatta.