Move To Australia To Fill Shortage In Plumbers And Electricians

Australia is currently looking to fill the shortage they have in the trade industry. There is not enough tradespeople in the country such as Brisbane plumber to answer the demand of the industry especially from residential clients. If you are living in South Africa with a certificate as a qualified electrician or a plumber, you can relocate to the country through skilled migration visa and earn the amount you will have a harder time earning locally. Australia’s dollar is currently equal to around R10.70 compared to the local currency of South Africa.

Looking at the data provided by Sable International, electricians from nations such as South Africa are charging an hourly rate from R37.02 to R153. In order for them to earn on the higher end, they must have additional skills such as automation, plant maintenance and switching and routing.

As for plumbers, they can earn an hourly rate from R20 to R117. Those who are earning more on the scale are employed in factories, power plants, residential settings and water treatment facilities. They are referred to as master plumbers therefore, they generally earn more.

All over Australia, however, the average salary of an electrician is $75.71 for every hour which is equivalent to R748.55 while the average hourly rate of plumbers is $83.04 or equal to R821.02. These numbers are provided by ServiceSeeking, an online service hiring platform in Australia.

Moreover, Sable indicated that the salary for these jobs continue to increase because of the consistent rise on demand. For electricians, the increase in charge per hour for a year has reached 4.25 per cent while for plumbers the increase has reached 3.1 per cent on a single year.

Sable International said that plumbers and electricians have the highest demand because large cities in Australia such as Perth, Sydney and Melbourne are currently being developed while rural areas are becoming urban albeit in a slow pace. In order for these developments to push through, there must be a steady stream of tradespeople such as Brisbane plumber in order to meet the demand.