Mgmt. Expert Manthey Joins HomeUnion Real Estate Investing Firm As Asset Management Senior Director

Just Recently, Julie Manthey, an Expert in Managing Investment Properties, joins the highly-capable pack of HomeUnion Real Estate Investing Firm, which serves clients looking for investments, with Single-Family Rental choice that will provide them with varying earning opportunities depending upon their needs. After being hired by the company, Manthey will be taking on the role as the Asset Management’s Senior director of the company.

Aside from possessing the prestigious title of ‘CPM’ or ‘Certified Property Manager’, Manthey also has a fully-packed experience in the industry, spanning over 25 years. She has a list of expertise which includes managing of funds, repositioning of properties, receiverships, dispositions, acquisitions, sales, investor relations, and marketing within the multi-family and single-family residential segments. This qualities of her makes it more than enough for her to cover the SFR properties which HomeUnion Real Estate Investing Firm serves sole investors with.

During her task within the company, she will be assigned to maintain and regulate the managing of the company’s asset services along with keeping its quality top-notch. She will be looking after, not only one market, but all of the markets under the wings of HomeUnion Real Estate Investing Firm. Aside from these, she will also be handling the responsibility of maintaining the quality of managing the properties of the investors in order to fully maximize the potential returns they could receive.

She will also be looking after the managers assigned to each property, the performance of each managers regarding their relationship with the tenants, the performance of the properties in a financial aspect and maintaining the communications between the company and the investors. She will be obligated to report to Chief ‘Financial’ Officer of HomeUnion, CP Pal.

CP Pal shared that the investors put their trust on HomeUnion Real Estate Investing Firm in order to fully maximize their potential earnings. He also added that the expertise of Manthey regarding this aspect will surely help reaching the company’s and the investor’s goal with their investment.

Before becoming part of the company, Manthey was already engaged in other companies that showed her credibility and prowess, not only of her ‘listed’ capabilities, but also her ability to properly manage tens of thousands of units with precision and accuracy that leads the investment of the clients to grow just how they want it to.